Beat stress; 3 easy methods.

Beat stress; 3 easy methods.

Stress is a very common problem nowadays and can become over a long period of time very harmful to your body.

Stress enhances the production of the so-called stress hormone cortisol. Stress can be experienced in lots of different situations, when you have to perform or when moving to another country. In addition stress can also be experienced when going through emotional heartaches, such as a heartbreak or the loss of someone close to you. There are several natural ways to reduce your stresslevel.

Find the cause

First and most important, find the cause, only when you eliminate the cause you can eliminate stress really. We cannot always eliminate the cause of stress but we can always eliminate the thought behind the cause that’s causing you stress. When you eliminate or change, we can’t really eliminate thoughts, but we can change them into one that feels less stressful and when we change them we will ultimately change the problem.

Stress can also be caused when you run a busy daily living or when you raise high expectations of yourself, think of performance pressure during examination or presentations. Some people experience a lot of stress when they are in situations that are experienced as negative, here you can think of phenomena such as claustrophobia and fear of heights. During these stressful situations the body produces an extra amount of cortisol.



Physical exercise is a very effective way to reduce your stress level. Exercise makes sure your thoughts are focused on what it is you’re doing, you literally clear your mind. Besides that, when you exercise the brain releases a substance called endorphine and adrenaline, these are the body’s natural happy chemicals that make sure you feel better about yourself, sometimes even euphoric, think about the runners high. Another reason why the body benefits from exercise is that when you exercise you release the stress of your muscles.


Meditation causes the heart rate to slow down. Meditation gives you the opportunity to relax physically and spiritually. Find a quiet place to practice meditation. Close your eyes and try to clear your thoughts, you could do this by keeping your attention only on your breathing.

Breathing exercise

In some cases breathing exercise can help you feel better cause of the heart rate that that goes down. Breathing exercise is very easy to use in your daily life when you feel stressful, you can do this anytime, anywhere.

*breathe in and out through your nose, the mouth should not be used. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, then breath out for 8 seconds.

This breathing exercise can be combined with meditation.


Eating healthy food makes sure the body is more resistant against stress. Healthy food also makes you mentally stronger and flexible. Omega 3 fatty acids ensure that cortisol production is reduced. Omega 3 can be found in all kinds of fish, such as tuna, mackerel and salmon. Strawberries and walnuts also contain fatty acids.

Vitamin B

Products that contain vitamin B make you feel better. This is because vitamine B takes care of the energy we gain from the food we use. However in the production of stress hormones your vitamin B stock is used. To supplement the vitamin B stock you can use vitamin B supplements and/or eat yoghurt. Yoghurt contained a bacteria that supports the vitamin B production in your intestines.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has a positive effect on your cortisol content. This substance ensures that the amount of cortisol in your blood decreases more quickly when you experience stress. Vitamin C is found in all kinds of fruit.


Sleep is the most natural way to restore your body. During sleep memories are stored and you rest physically and mentally which will make you feel better the next day. You can improve your night’s sleep by exercising during the day, going to bed earlier and try to inhabit a regular sleep pattern.

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